Why Adult Diapers Can Be Very Helpful

At least 30% of people over sixty suffer from occasional to chronic incontinence.  There can be a decrease in urethral closing pressure, meaning the “valve” that holds urine in does not shut as firmly as it once did.  The detrusor muscle also may become weaker, which means the bladder doesn’t empty completely, causing more frequent urination.  The bladder becomes less elastic, causing a need for more frequent urination and making it more difficult to hold it when necessary.  The kidneys become less able to concentrate urine.  More water must be passed in order to expel the buildup of impurities.

For an adult accustomed to leading an active social life, the drawbacks of incontinence can produce some very awkward moments.  While in the active stage, there may be a great deal of reluctance to use an adult diaper that resembles an oversized pull-up for toddlers, but this is not at all necessary.  Adult diapers come in a variety of styles, one of which is called a “brief”.  It is nothing more than a pad lining the bottom of your underwear, with stretch side panels and a hook and loop system that fastens around the upper thigh at the joint.  There is no bulk, no embarrassing effort to remove and expose of a thick, adult diaper, and you can retain a normal active life without spoiling your underwear. 

A frequent problem for the elderly, as well as those with advanced diabetes, is bed-wetting.  While they may handle their incontinence during the day by using a brief or frequent rushes to the bathroom, sometimes the body just doesn’t give off those warning signals at night while they are sleeping.  There are special adult diapers for this particular problem.  They wrap completely around the midriff and lower body, with fasteners at the side and are designed to handle fecal incontinence as well as hold up to a quart of water without spillage.  The absorbent mat core allows for skin dryness and adds to safeness from infection. 

Using adult diapers for those difficult years of increased incontinence or debilitating diseases will increase personal hygiene, lessen the dangers of infection, and remove the necessity for frequent clothing and bed sheet changes. 

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