What You Need to Know About a Coccyx Pillow

The coccyx pillow is a specially designed pillow that helps individuals suffering from pain on or around the coccyx area. This pain may be due to a bruised coccyx or from repeated stress such as constant sitting in an uncomfortable chair or perhaps childbirth. Athletes can also experience this injury.

What this pillow does is take pressure off the coccyx. This part of the body is located in between the buttock crease and the anus. You might also think of this area as part of your tailbone. The idea of such a minor set of bones causing you pain may seem silly, but once you actually feel the soreness, it is excruciating! In fact, most people who suffer from an injured coccyx can hardly sit down.

This is why a coccyx pillow is the ideal solution. This pillow provides cushion comfort with a uniquely shaped design that allows a release of pressure on and around the coccyx. In fact, the best pillows are the ones that feature a cutout so that there is no pressure on the coccyx area. There is actually a variety of shapes one can purchase.

Reading the latest medical news, we see just how prevalent these injuries are. Skaters often injure or even break their coccyx, as do bikers, bicyclists and sports enthusiasts. This tailbone area does heal by itself eventually in most cases and, thus, the only treatment may very well be a coccyx pillow. Of course, things get “messy” when the pain increases during bowel movements. In some cases, a doctor may have to recommend stool softeners to reduce strain.

In exceptional cases, pain medications may be prescribed. Make no mistake, coccyx pain hurts! In rare cases, patients may actually need surgery, especially if healing doesn’t go as planned or if the pain is too excruciating to live with. However, most patients will recover by taking it easy and using a coccyx pillow.

Many users state that this pillow makes sitting and enduring the soreness much easier. The most popular pillows not only provide cushion support but a rocking motion due to air pressure inside. For the best results, buy more than one cushion for various places around your house. The facts show that various sitting positions will require different degrees of air support, cushion and softness.

Take it easy on your tail with a medically designed pillow for coccyx pain relief!


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