What Is Involved in VMware Backup

VMware refers to a special type of backup software. In general, VMware backup is used to create a complete backup of a file system, a hard drive, an entire database, a website, a system or a server. The backup software lets a person make an exact duplicate of everything on the original source, which can then be transported to practically any system. If there is a disaster and the entire system goes down, you would use the software program to perform a recovery of the data.

The easiest way to understand VMware backup software is this: it is a virtual system. It is software that can be run on an OS (including popular systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X) and on server hardware, however, it does require an OS to function. The system can also run more than one OS on the same computer server.

You will have access to a virtual hard drive and a virtual disk image of you entire system. This means that you can use any computer to restore your settings, or you can use your computer to run other computers within an application. The best way to illustrate this is by example.

Let’s say that you have a virtual system that has Windows XP installed. You could order the virtual system to boot up XP OS, and it would do so, operating as if another computer was contained within your system. What in the world is the advantage of such a program, you ask?

For instance, you could use a VMware backup suite to test for viruses without actually putting your real OS and hard drive at risk. Despite having this extra system, you do not need any special hardware or software. Companies can also use this software for corporate server VM hosting.

Backup software must be scalable in nature, because practically everyone has use of backup features, from the home computer user to the businessperson running multiple sites. Availability means everything in today’s fast paced world.

Some of the newest features of VMware backup software include self-healing backups (meaning if there is a bad sector or a network glitch you can still heal that block of data) as well as automatic scheduling of backup. The standard time period for back up (at least for data considered very important) is once a day. Isn’t it time you looked into backup software for your home or business?

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