Understanding What Solar Power Is All About

Solar power technology, such as Yorba Linda solar power, has rapidly grown in the past decade. This is thanks to government initiated funding. Thanks to these programs a lot more people have come to understand that this power is a clean, renewable, environmentally safe alternative.

The Types Of Energy Sources That Are Available Today

There are essentially two main types of renewable energy. They are:

• Photovoltaic (The PV system). This type of energy comes from the sun. Panels are used to absorb the sun’s heat and then convert it into electricity. From this we get DC power. By using a converter, DC power can be changed into Ac power. You can obtain this type of energy from Yorba Linda solar power.

• Thermal energy. Air and water can be heated or cooled by this type of energy, which uses a water tank, piping, plumbing valves and a collector that is used to absorb the sun’s heat.

There is new and emerging technology evolving all the time here. In fact, spray-on solar cells and desert mirrors are currently being looked into today.

The Significance Of Solar Power Energy

Solar power energy is truly cost effective. It is also quite energy efficient, which means that you will save a lot of money. In fact, you can actually save 75% on your energy bills. So, while there is an initial expense, it does result in big savings once your materials and installation costs are paid for.

The Common Misconceptions About Solar Power Technology

A lot of people think hat this is an insufficient energy source for a home. What they don’t understand is that by harnessing sunlight you can actually have a constant supply of energy for 25 years. Currently, silicon is used for these solar panels. Unfortunately, this is a really expensive material. However, alternative, less expensive materials are being studied today. This should help to bring the price down in the near future.

Understanding Solar Panel Efficiency

As far as solar panel efficiency (how well certain solar panels actually work) goes, you will find some that work better than others. It simply depends upon the materials’ quality and how the panels themselves are made. In order to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of efficiency, you should shop around. By choosing high quality panels by a company such as Yorba Linda you will be able to rest assured that you really are making a good investment.

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