Turning Your Orange Home Green


Most people have heard a lot in recent years about reducing their carbon footprints, how our actions affect climate change, global warming, and greenhouse emissions, yet few people have a clear plan or understanding of how to go about creating changes for themselves or their families. Installing a solar system to power your Orange home will help your family to go green, reduce your energy bill, reduce your carbon footprint, and add value to your homes.

By installing and Orange solar power system, you are able to harness the natural energy source of the Californian sun, which provides a steady flow of energy, and use it power your home in a clean, energy-efficient manner, practically eliminating your home’s carbon emissions and creating a positive environmental impact while reducing, and in some cases, completely eradicating your energy bill. Your level of savings depends on the size of solar system that you install in your home, determining what percent of your activities can be powered by the solar rays collected. Solar systems range in all sizes, from small systems powering only the hot water heater, to entire systems to power every aspect of power usage in the house. It is astonishing how affordable “going green” has become, with the costs of solar panels greatly reduced from their formerly high prices and the government offering incentives, rewards, and credits to those who choose to power their homes by the sun.

Verengo Solar Power is the leader in Orange Solar Power, serving the community and surrounding area by creating custom solar panel installation plans and systems tailored to your individual family’s needs and helping you to reduce your energy costs and improve your quality of life. If you are uncertain as to whether or not you want to go all the way with your solar system, you may, like many others, find the simplest and most cost efficient means of giving it a “trial run” is to install a small system to heat your water. The remarkable savings garnered from this small change will inevitably lead you to convert your entire home to solar power, creating a lasting environmental impact while saving yourself money. With the amount of sun California receives, Californians are in a unique position to begin precluding further climate change and ensure that they will continue to receive the glorious sun for generations to come, rather than allowing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions to ruin their idyllic setting and lives.

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