Top Ten Mobile Phones

There are a lot of mobile phones on the market, but which ones are the best and most popular? Well “best” might well be a bit of a subjective term, but there is less debate over what the most popular cell phones are. Here are the ten most popular cell phones – along with their cellular accessories - currently on the market.

The Apple iPhone 4 is an upgrade from the iPhone 3GS and has 42 GB of memory as well as a superb quality digital camera and very large information speeds and remains hugely popular despite some controversy over reports of poor reception and a habit for dropping calls. Also very popular is the HTC EVO 4G which not only has the much talked about 4G connectivity but also some pretty spectacular features in the multi media arena. The original iPhone 3GS still remains a very popular choice among consumers, however.

The Motorola Droid X is another very popular smart-phone and for good reason. With its excellent playback of multimedia features, a cracking selection of functions and an excellent overall network performance, the phone has been in very high demand among mobile users and it is no surprise why, being a fine upgrade to the original Motorola Droid X which is itself still pretty popular. While the Apple iPhone 4 seems to the big seller when it comes to smart-phones, they may want to watch out for this one as its appeal is rapidly on the rise. Another Android smart-phone which is catching up with the Motorola Droid X in terms of popularity is the HTC Droid Incredible, which has a stunning high resolution display screen, a very cleverly designed and easy to operate user interface and a seriously fast processor. Add to that some very useful add-ons that are available for it and its growing popularity is no mystery.

Another popular choice for cell phone users is the Google Nexus One, which also has a pretty past performance to recommend it, along with a fine AMOLED display. The Google name alone has pretty much guaranteed this one’s popularity, but fortunately it’s a pretty good device in its own right too. As is the Samsung Captivate, which has a great interface perfect for those who want to be able to play on social media sites away from their computer. The other two cell phones in the top ten are the Blackberry Bold 9700 and the Palm Pre Plus.

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