Top Business Schools in Chicago

When searching for a strong undergraduate business school, there are several key deciding factors that a prospective student should look for. Specifically, students searching for undergraduate business schools in Chicago should look for some distinguishing factors that can allow them to be successful both during and after graduation.

One of the first and most important factors that heavily influence the notoriety of a business school, as well as being one of the factors that distinguishes the top business schools in Chicago is the university's connections with outside corporations and businesses. A key attribute that you, as a successful business student, can have is corporate experience and corporate connections. A university that offers you both is a business school that has a strong foundation rooted in student success. When a university has corporate connections, the students at that university are often the first to be offered internships and assistantships with those various corporations. Internships are the key to successfully gaining the two items that can make or break a business student's employment and advancement opportunities after graduation; strong university-corporate connections offer students experience and personal network connections. Top business schools in Chicago offer students connections with elite corporations around the Chicago area. These connections are a major contributing factor of which potential students at any undergraduate business school should be aware.

Further, another factor that should greatly influence your decision in relation to top undergraduate business schools in Chicago is the quality of the faculty at the various business programs that you are researching. The undergraduate business experience is so much more than simply studying a textbook or sitting in a classroom. The faculty with whom you interact can and will greatly impact your experience in college and your job opportunities after graduation.

There are several key characteristics that you should look for when exploring the various faculty at top business schools. First, faculty members must be creative. Creativity is one of the most important characteristics in the job market today, and, as such, you need to seek out faculty that can offer you the challenge of thinking outside of the box. Further, faculty must have a strong set of problem-solving skills. Again, major corporations are now searching out potential employees who can do more than simply sell a product or enter data; corporations want employees that can innovate and continue to lead them into the future. These important skills are only fostered when you are offered unique challenges in which you are encouraged to solve unique problems. A strong university faculty will have a background in challenging students to do such. Finally, one of the most important characteristics of a strong faculty is a faculty that  has a legitimate expertise in their specific fields as well a strong industry connections locally, nationally, and internationally. These connections can allow you top choices in internships during your coursework, as well as top choice in jobs after graduation.

These are only a few of the important factors that you should consider when seeking out strong undergraduate business schools. By looking for strong industry-university connections and a well equipped faculty, you will be successful during undergraduate coursework. These are the characteristics that any distinguished business school in Chicago should and will have.


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