Tippmann Guns for Beginners and Pros

Tippmann Guns for Beginners and Pros

Long-time players of paintball are familiar with the Tippmann name. As one of the original manufacturers of paintball markers and accessories, Tippmann makes some of the most popular and highest quality paintball guns in the market. In fact, the United States Army uses Tippmann guns to simulate realistic scenarios. They have found them to be a helpful way in which to demonstrate concealment and cover procedures, and the importance of fire-control.

Whether you are interested in a starter package or advanced paintball markers, there is a wide variety of Tippmann guns to choose from. These markers make an excellent buy for beginners because they can easily be upgraded over time. For instance, Tippmann Model 98 markers are extremely popular in the paintball community. For beginners, the Tippmann Custom 98 provides an affordable, high quality marker. Once the player’s skills have improved and they’re in need of increased firepower, upgrades can be installed.

Tippmann paintball packages are an excellent way for beginners to equip themselves for the game. Most of the essentials are included in such packages. In addition, it is cheaper to purchase paintball equipment as a package deal rather than buying each accessory on its own. A package does not require a beginner who is unfamiliar with the details of paintball equipment to make decisions that are difficult without experience.

For advanced players, there are Tippmann guns such as the Tippmann X7 Phenom Mechanical marker. This gun provides many extra features as well as adaptability as far as upgrades are concerned. For example, while this marker is designed for players who prefer mechanically operated markers, they will also have the option of upgrading to electronics. The innovative technology implemented in this gun that might appeal to advanced players includes a system that eliminates recoil. This gun also operates below 300 psi and is highly efficient. The body of the gun is made from lightweight aluminum and is highly compact. It features a quick release magazine, has built-in tool storage, and includes pushpin construction for simplified field stripping.

For players just testing the waters of paintball, all of these extra features will not mean much. For these players, it is important to gain hands-on experience with paintball markers before deciding on which upgrades to implement. For paintball enthusiasts, some of these extras can make the difference between winning and losing the game. A variety of high-quality Tippmann Guns are available for every skill level.

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