The Various Types of Physical Therapy

Almost all physical therapy has some form of exercise associated with it. There are many pieces of equipment and rehabilitation products that fill rehab centers. You could ride a stationary bike, lift dumbbell weights, or use resistance tubes to increase the strength of your injury. For example, if you are receiving physical therapy for a lower back injury it is likely that you will be encouraged to perform several exercises that will strengthen your abdomen. This will add a layer of support to your back and help prevent further injury.

You will also engage in exercises designed to increase your endurance. This will get your heart and lungs going and will burn calories as well. It is probable that you have gained weight because of inactivity associated with being injured. Excess weight adds stress to your joints and muscles, and can hinder your recovery. Endurance training helps combat this problem.

You might also engage in manual therapy or massage. This type of therapy relaxes stiff muscles, boosts circulation, and reduces pain in soft tissues. Another type of physical therapy is called mobilization. This technique uses slow and steady movements designed to twist, pull, or push bones and joints back into their proper position. As a result, this can loosen tissue around the bone or joint which increases flexibility and helps proper joint alignment.

Manipulation is a therapy that utilizes forceful and rapid movements to properly position bones or joints. Since this is a more robust therapy make sure you discuss this treatment with the therapist. Physical therapists also work with women who have incontinence issues. Specific exercises are introduced to reduce this problem as well as reduce pelvic pain. Decongestive lymphatic drainage is a special type of massage that is designed to drain fluids from tissues when the lymphatic system I of the body has malfunctioned.

Ultrasound therapy utilizes high pitched sounds to reduce muscle spasms, and is sometimes used to warm up muscles before a workout. Electrical stimulation therapy is common in most rehab centers. Low levels of current are introduced to the injured area which scrambles the pain signals coming from the brain. The natural feel-good hormones, endorphins are then released by the body to reduce pain.

Electrical stimulation is used for knee problems and to reduce arthritis pain In closing, Physical therapy is designed to reduce pain and strengthen injured areas of the body. Massage is becoming more popular because it promotes circulation and relaxes stiff muscles. It is likely that you will be introduced to several different types of physical therapy when you visit a rehabilitation center.

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