The Most Popular Silver Dollars

Coin collectors in the United States of America and world wide are well aware of the fact that Morgan silver dollars are increasingly popular and sought after collectible items. They were first minted in the late 1870’s after the Bland-Alison Act and they were named after George T. Morgan, their designer. The minting of these coins continued until the early 1900’s and they were minted once again in 1921.

At the beginning, only coin collectors looked for these Morgan silver dollars as they were not economically valuable but this changed in 1962 when the government decided to offer to the public original bags with a thousand silver dollars at face value. Soon afterwards, there was a real mania for these precious coins.

Morgan silver dollars are physically important in size, have a beautiful design and they enjoy a significant historical background as well. Thus, even newbie coin collectors are interested in them. This ever growing interest has made it possible for these silver dollars to experience an upward price tendency that makes them even more attractive and valuable.

Of all the Morgan dollars that have been minted in the United States of America, these are the most popular ones and the ones that are more likely to become even more economically valuable:

• 1895 Morgan silver dollar

• 1894 Morgan silver dollar

• 1892 Morgan silver dollar

• 1883 CC Morgan silver dollar

• 1878 CC Morgan silver dollar

If after reading these paragraphs you have grown interested in these silver dollars, it is very important that you always shop around before buying them from the first coin dealer that comes to your way. You should always make your best effort to avoid falling victims of fraudsters and scammers that are always trying to trick you. Thus, it is highly advisable that you buy silver dollars at Zoomcoin, one of the most reputable and experienced dealers in the market. Purchasing your coins from a reliable trader makes you feel sure that you will receive a certificate of authenticity.

Odds are that most coin collectors would agree that these coins are not only extremely popular but also economically important. They are appealing not only because they are larger in size than ordinary coins but because they have a very interesting history behind them.

Definitely, if you are looking to include silver dollars to your collection, your best purchase decision is to opt for Morgan silver dollars.

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