The Importance of a Massage

Back and neck injury are more common than one might believe.  Pain in the lower back especially, is not something one should choose to just cope with.  Pain in these extremenities can all be avoided with the proper care. Undergoing physical therapy is a large umbrella which houses multiple options toward treating your physical injury. 

Beyond physical therapy and physical therapy equipment, when it comes to back pain going to a chiropractic or a masseuse are both viable options toward improving ones pain and discomfort.  A chiropractic specializes in working with the spinal cord and vertabrae.  Proper alignment and adjustment can greatly reduce someone's neck and/or back pain. 

As for a masseuse, he or she is specially trained to relieve tension and stress through massaging of the muscles.  Having tight muscles reduces mobility.  Having a lack of mobility within the back which contains multiple integrated muscles makes it far more easy to injure one's self during the most basic of tasks.  Your back is your support.  It not only supports the rest of the body, it connects the rest of the body, as it is the essential core. With a weak back, the rest will soon suffer. 

Overall, a healthy back is vital toward maintaining a healthy body.  They say having tight abs and a weak back is like a bird with one good wing.  Both are important to maintaining a healthy body.  Therefore getting a massage is key toward helping maintain a healthy back.  Certain massage oils and lotions come with the territory of massage. 

Massage oils are great for placing nutrients back into the skin as all massage oils come with a certain amount of vitamins and minerals.  There are a plethra to choose from, depending on preference as well as allergies. Oils are more often used for skin health and less on deep tissues massage as what lotions are indicative of.  Massage lotions add friction which allows for deep tissue massage as well as adds nutrients to the skin. 

The art of massage is not just for the wealthy.  There are plenty of places that offer discount massages for those who are on a budget, but regardless of why someone chooses to go for a massage, it is important to remember all that massage has to offer.  With looser muscles, it allows blood to flow easier which means oxygen is being delivered quicker which is what our bodies strive off of.  It all helps toward a healthier body and in turn a healhier life which is what we all want.  There are many online articles about spa treatments and massage that can be found as a great health resource.


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