The Differences between Massage Oils and Lotions

When your shoulders and back hurt, a massage can feel like heaven. Nothing beats a massage when you’re looking to relax and relieve stress. Whether you’re a student with upcoming finals; you had a tough day at the office; or your kids and family are driving you crazy and you need some pampering, a massage can be the ultimate vacation from life.

When you first walk into a massage room, you will notice that everything in the room is designed to help you relax. The music is calming, the scents are relaxing, and the colors are soft and peaceful. Once you relax onto the massage table or chair, your masseuse may ask you which medium you prefer between massage oils and lotions. It’s a common question, but some people don’t know the difference between the two. Some massage therapists won’t ask because they work with one medium over the other, but if you know you prefer one or the other you can let them know yourself.

Massage oils can help a masseuse’s hands glide over the skin and can be especially useful for Swedish or Lomi Lomi massage. These types of massage utilize strokes and deep reaching movement to provide a sense of relaxation to the client. Massage oils and lotions both often utilize essential oils for added aromatherapy benefits, but oils in particular are used as carrier oils and can hold the scent longer. Massage oil can also be warmed up to provide an even deeper feeling of relaxation.

Lotions on the other hand are perfect for someone who doesn’t want to feel greasy. Due to its consistency, lotion can quickly sink into the skin and kneading and handwork is performed with less gliding action. Lotion does have oil in it but because of its texture, it feels less greasy and oily on the skin. Many people prefer lotions to oil because there is less of a mess involved, clothes will not get ruined, and oil can often leave people feeling like they need to take a shower afterwards.

Massage oils and lotions are both used extensively by massage therapists and both can be a relaxing aid when getting any type of massage work done. Once you have figured out which you like most you can request it at every massage, but until that time have fun figuring out which feels best to you and which one causes you to go into stress-free mode.


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