T505 - Motorola T505 speaker phone � piece #2

Due to the fact there are so many different devices on the market in terms of Bluetooth technology many people ask why they should pick a certain item over another. The Motorola T505 Bluetooth wireless visor speakerphone is not a typical device though. The T505 delivers an outstanding hands-free phone experience, perfect to use while driving or when in the office away from the desk. Cellular Accessories for Less has the Motorola T505 speaker phone in stock for anyone looking for a quality device that provides exceptional hands-free phone technology.

The T505 can be hung from a car visor while in a vehicle or left on the desk in a home or office. The Bluetooth technology that is built into any Motorola T505 speaker phone uses encrypted radio waves to guarantee high call quality, wireless convenience and  a secure conversation. The Easy Pairing feature makes it easy to connect to any Bluetooth device. This is a device that has an incredible charge time. The T505 allows for a talk time as much as eighteen hours and a standby time of an amazing fourteen days.

When using the Motorola T505 speaker phone at home or at the office the user can be as much as 33 feet away, while using the device in the vehicle offers amazing reception since the T505 will be just above the individual hanging from the visor of the car, truck, SUV or jeep being driven. The Motorola T505 speaker phone is easily transferred from one vehicle to another and can be rotated back and forth between the office and car.

The T505 can also play music that is streamed from any Bluetooth enabled phone or MP3 player. The music will be clearly played through the car stereo and will pause when an incoming call occurs. Take a look at how the Motorola T505 speaker phone can improve the hands-free phone and music experience for anyone!

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