Support Your Team from Top to Bottom

If you're an avid sports fan, you're always looking for ways to support your team with the best possible team spirit. Whether this means face paint on game day or painting your car to match your team's colors, you want the world to know that you're supporting your team in good times and bad, during the season and off.

The easiest way to make sure that the world knows about your passion is through your clothing. It may not be socially acceptable to wear eye black to work, but if you have to miss a game, many offices will let you wear a jersey or fitted hats to support your team. If you have to wear a collared dress shirt to the office, most schools make a dress shirt with their colors and tasteful use of their team logo. Or of course, you can always wear a sports tie or tie clip. Don't be afraid to ask your boss about this -- there's a good chance that your boss is a sports fan as well, but be careful. He might support your rival.

When you do have the chance to wear the sports apparel you want, to completely show your team spirit and support, it's great to make sure that you support your team from top to bottom. There are plenty of places that will custom make shoes so that you can have comfortable shoes in your team's colors or even with your favorite player's number. That's your foundation.

Pants are a little trickier. It's definitely hard to find slacks that support your team, but if you look for basketball shorts or warm-ups, you can usually find something that shows your spirit. If you're having trouble, sometimes you can find something that isn't official, but is the color of your team. If you've got a trickier color, that may be difficult and you may have to settle for an accent color, like black or white.

A top is the easiest to find. Jerseys, team shirts, and championship shirts are almost impossible to overlook and are a staple of an avid fan's wardrobe. But something you might not have considered is your wrists. Sweat bands or a team watch are a great way to accent your outfit.

Don't just stop at the shirt! Headgear is just as important as your championship shirt. A football helmet may be difficult to go out in, but finding fitted hats is really easy. Don't just settle for one in your team colors or a simple logo. There are amazing designs now that are way more fashionable and give your sports outfit a lot of flair.

If you're one of the ladies, you might want to consider jewelry. A lot of teams' logos are great for dangling earrings or a necklace. This is great for a more subtle way to support your team, like when you're in the office. But if you're looking for hats, there are a lot of options for you as well, if you don't like the more traditional designs. There are a lot of female fans out there, and while it may seem at first like there's nothing more feminine out there, all it takes is a little looking.

So, when you go out next and want to sport your sports flair, make sure that you're dressed from top to bottom -- shoes all the way to fitted hats. We all know that it's your support that drives the team, so get out there and show your colors!


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