Sorry Fans, Odds Are, Your Bracket Wasn't Very Good

With the Men's NCAA Basketball Championship over we can finally close the book on March Madness. The University of Connecticut Huskies were victorious for the school's third national title. Coach Jim Calhoun became the oldest coach to win a national title and the Huskies finished an unprecedented run through the Big East and NCAA Tournament.

Many people fill out brackets and many have theories and formulas for how they predict their perfect bracket. No matter how much basketball you have watched throughout the year (and it's a shame U of M or Michigan State couldn't pull it out again this year!) it is still a difficult task filling out a bracket much less the champion. Passionate fans are likely to favor their own team, and be a lot more familiar with the Big Ten than the Pac 10.

So how hard was it to predict this year’s winner? Let's look at some stats.

In ESPN's Tournament Challenge there were more than 5.9 Million brackets submitted and only 279,308 had correctly chosen UConn to win it all. That comes out to a percentage of 4.7% of all entries.

Want to know how difficult it was to predict both Butler and UConn making the final? There were 881 entries that had the correct final picked and the odds came out to be a 1 in 25,000 chance. Which makes what one person predicted seem downright improbable?

On ESPN's morning talk show, Mike and Mike in the Morning, they had their producer’s mom come on and give her picks. She not only picked Bulter vs. UConn and UConn to win it but also picked the final score of 53-39. Many laughed at the idea of such a low scoring contest but she was a mere 2 points off from the actual score of 53-41.

When the numbers are crunched to predict a UConn score between 51-55 and a Butler score to be 39-43 is a ridiculous 1 in 10 million!

She may not know a lot about the American sports landscape but she could probably help you out with your NCAA tournament bracket next year or heck, any of the US friendly poker sites or your fantasy football team come Fall.

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