Electric garage heaters, commonly referred to as shop heaters, output an immense source of heat in the part of your house that remains coldest in the winter and virtually untouched by central heat, zapped by the cold outside air: your garage. Garages typically remain the most under-utilized part of the home during the winter, but with electric garage heaters, you can make auto repairs, work on your classic car, and do woodworking projects through the winter, making them perfect for the handyman in your house. Whether you are looking for home use, portable units for contracting and construction sites, commercial use to heat shipping and receiving and storage areas, these versatile heaters have a wide variety of applications designed for the comfort of you and your employees.

Shop heaters are extremely heavy duty space heaters, heating spaces of between 400 square feet and 500 square feet efficiently and allowing you to comfortably utilize your garage year-round. Using an electric heater is a safe way to eliminate the need for propane and refilling tanks, simplifying your warming needs. Whether you want to heat a workshop, garage, or outdoor area, these heaters are adaptable to any large, traditionally difficult to heat space.

There are many models, depending on your individual needs, whether you are looking for a compact heater, a wall mount heater, and what size of space you are looking to heat. With any model of electric garage heater, you should always look for models that offer the most safety features and automatically shut off once they reach a certain temperature, allowing for peace of mind, ease, and safety with powerful heaters.

A popular choice for compact efficiency is the QMark BRH562, which heats up to 480 square feet and comes with a 30 amp plug to eliminate any need for hardwiring. It is particularly popular among construction workers and contractors for its portability and ability to heat large spaces without hardwiring, allowing it to be easily transported to work sites. For wall mount units, the Dimplex CUH05B31T provides multi-directional heat with an ideal design for heating shipping and receiving areas, warehouse storage areas, job sites, and garages. While it is highly popular in commercial applications, it is ideal for home use as well, with a wall mount design to keep it out of the reach of children. For a reliable source for quality portable electric garage heaters and shop heaters, contact at 800-868-6008, located at 1100 S. Linwood Ave. Bldg. B, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

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