Setting a Trend in Electronic Device Protection

Most people have heard of extended warranties and many have even purchased one or two or more in their lifetime.  Those who are familiar with them know they increase the price of the product a bit and can range from 1-3 years in extra protection. They also know that most retailers will offer these plans for each individual product. So. if there is already a plan in place to protect your devices from the store you purchase them from, why seek out other forms of protection? There are numerous reasons why.

The All-In-One Protection Saves Money

This is one of the most obvious reasons to find a protection plan that covers all of your products versus individual warranties.  If the customer only has to pay for one plan versus one for each and every item paid for, he or she is more likely to purchase it.  A plan like this sets Matrix Protection apart from other forms of extended protection.

Flexibility to Add Products at Any Time

Not everyone can make the decision about an extended warranty the day they purchase a new product.  Sometimes it may take some time to get used to the product before deciding if it warrants an extended protection plan.  Most retailers will require you to purchase such a plan when you pay for the product.  This is simply not enough time to make a decision about the extra cost.  With Matrix Protection you can enroll products that are up to four years old (well beyond original warranty periods) and add new products as you buy them!  All of this for one low monthly cost for as long as you like.  This is flexibility you will not have available through a traditional retailer, and that’s a guarantee!

The premium stays fixed regardless of the years you stay on the plan

When you purchase an extended warranty plan, the costs can vary depending on how long you want to cover the product.  It’s ideal to cover it as long as possible beyond the manufacturer’s original warranty, but you may be hesitant to do so because of costs involved.  In general, the longer the coverage, the more expensive the plan will cost. You may be tempted to insure it for a shorter period than optimal due to these costs. Or you may not choose to insure it at all for the same reason. In some cases, after your original product protection plan has expired, you can choose to renew it.  But these rates may be higher than the one you would have paid when you originally purchased the product.  Once again, you are left with the dilemma of having to decide on protection and peace of mind versus the price to have such. Matrix Protection sets the trend for predictability for the customer by keeping the insurance premium the same every month for as long as you choose to pay.

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