Reduce or Eliminate Electricity Bills with Alpine Solar Energy Installation

With utility costs on the rise, many homeowners are finding ways to make their homes more efficient or learning to use their appliances less. With a solar energy system, you will no longer have to feel guilty about turning up the heat or air conditioning, or running a set of dishes in the dishwasher. Alpine solar energy installation has helped a countless number of homeowners reduce or eliminate their dependence on utility companies and save a small fortune on energy bills.

If solar energy systems reduce energy costs, why doesn’t everyone have one? In the past, many people were turned off by the high cost of solar installation. That’s all changing. To begin with, solar systems are more efficient than they have ever been which means that you’ll get more for every dollar that you spend. As people become aware of these cost-saving benefits, more and more homeowners are installing solar systems.

There are many solar rebate programs currently available. The federal government offers the Renewable Energy Tax Credit, which will offset the cost of your Alpine solar panels by 30%. For instance, you would be able to save $9,000 on a $30,000 solar energy system with the federal tax credit alone. Add on the solar incentives offered via the California Solar Initiative. The benefit of this program is that it offers California homeowners, businesses, schools, government organizations, farms, and non-profits cash back for installing solar power systems. Next, factor in local and utility incentives for going solar. You will discover that your original $30,000 system, for instance, costs well below $20,000 by the time all rebates are added up.

Now that more Californians are able to afford solar energy systems, many are taking advantage of low (or eliminated) monthly utility bills after a solar installation. The more solar panels you install, the more you will save and, if enough panels are installed, you will be able to avoid relying on your local utility company at all.

Californians will also be able to take advantage of the net metering system, which California utility companies are required by law to participate in. This means that if your solar system produces more energy than your home requires in any given month, you will receive credit on your next utility bill.

There are specialized government solar programs for low-income families and others. If you are considering a solar system to lower your monthly utility bills and to reduce your carbon footprint, be sure to look into all additional financial incentives.

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