Privileged Identity Management is Important to Your Business

In today’s tough business climate it is harder than ever to satisfy demanding customers. Yet, this is what you must do to survive. The last think your business needs is information being leaked about your coveted clients. If you are not controlling access to your businesses most sensitive data, your company, clients, and vendors are all at risk. You can easily keep your vital records secure by using Privileged Identity Management software.

You may feel your employees need access to do all of your records to do their jobs. Are you sure? Does the average office person really need to know that one of your vendors is having cash flow problems? If this information was leaked to their competitor, and your company is responsible this could have serious consequences for your vendor and you too. You need to take a second look at who is accessing what. Yet, you can easily control access to sensitive information with a Privileged Identity Management system.

All companies have disgruntled workers. You might not know who they are. If they have access to your company’s most sensitive information, disaster could be looming. If your competitor gets hold of certain information it could seriously hurt your business. Your good reputation could be ruined. Evaluating what each job needs access to should be your first step. Controlling access is easy when you are armed with the right Privileged Identity Management system.

Naturally upper management needs access to all company records. Perhaps IT managers do to. Yet, do they really? Does the IT department really need to know who your vendors are, simply to hook up a new network printer? When you take a second look the IT staff probably does not need access to sensitive records. Taking a hard and honest look at who needs to access what goes a long way in safeguarding the financial well-being of your company. A robust Privileged Identity Management program is the key to not compromising your most sensitive data.

Of course, revoking access to company databases is not an easy task. You probably like the person involved. However, it is not a personal issue. This is a tough economy to do business in, and tightening database security plays an important role in your company’s longevity. Do not become lax just because you like the employee. State the reasons in a way that keep their loyalty. Then install powerful Privileged Identity Management software to control access. Doing so ensures your reputation and revenue stream remain intact.


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