Population Leads to Job Growth in Kalamazoo

Although unemployment rates have increased across the country in the last few months, the rates continue to decrease in Kalamazoo, MI. These rates can be contributed to population growth and the expansion of niche industry in the city. As the job market expands, Kalamazoo companies need qualified workers to fill the newly created positions.


As the median age of residence lowers every year, the Kalamazoo’s public school system has seen a growth in the number of children with whom they have an educational responsibility. Due to tuition charges, enrollment has decreased at private schools in the area which has put a strain on the public school system to find qualified faculty.

The Kalamazoo public school board has answered the strain on the public school system with a $62.16 million bond proposal, which will fund the construction of a new school and also the expansion of two middle schools. Employment opportunities for education-related degree holders will further improve the employment rates in the area.


The population growth has not only affected the education system but also the healthcare that sustains the population. From pediatrics to geriatrics, qualified workers are needed in areas across the field to meet the needs of an aging population with an increased birthrate.

Outside of doctoral work, which requires a longer time commitment, residents can look to the second fastest growing career field in Kalamazoo – nursing. Since the purchase of the Kalamazoo-based healthcare group, Battle Creek Health System by the Bronson Healthcare Group, the operational control now given to the city's only hospital will allow for the improvement of healthcare quality, which includes increasing the nursing staff and updating technology.

Schools, such as Sandford Brown, that offer technical and general knowledge as well as hands-on training and online courses will be invaluable to residents that juggle either a personal family life or a job. Overall, experience will determine a qualified job applicant.

Other areas of the medical field have opened to a niche market, as the first medicinal marijuana clinic opened in Kalamazoo this year. 


Local brewing company, Bell's, started in Kalamazoo 25 years ago, celebrated its anniversary by announcing a $52 million investment over the next five years. The funds will go toward the plant expansion, which means new jobs and greater chance for revenue. The company is opening for job applicants over a variety of fields needed for the brewery after the expansion. From brewmasters to department managers, this is an expanding company waiting for qualified individuals to join.

 From traditional to unique, employment opportunities are vast for an applicants with a degree and experience. As a city with an expanding population and job market, Kalamazoo is one of the unique few cities in the US where growth has positively affected its industries.

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