Nifty Storage Ideas for School Medical Supplies

If you’re a teacher, whether you teach little ones or high school students who are taller than you’ll ever be, you know the importance of having medical supplies around your school. You need them in the office, on the playground, and in each classroom. That’s not even the mention the school nurse’s office, which should be stocked with tons of items for every ailment imaginable. The problem, though, is that you may not have a place to keep all these supplies. With kids running around the playground and packing all the classrooms and with all the paperwork in each office, there’s just no room left. These nifty ideas will help you keep your supplies available and neatly stored for when you need them.

1. Store Them High 

In elementary school classrooms, there’s probably a lot of space at the tops of cabinets and closets and shelves that your students can’t reach, anyway. You may already be storing some supplies up there that little hands need to stay out of. However, consider sticking medical supplies way up there, too. That way, they don’t take up valuable drawer or floor space, and your students can’t access them.

2. Baskets and Tubs

Of course, the best way to make things storable is to make them stackable. Anyone who’s ever moved will tell you that the best way to pack is to use boxes that will easily stack on top of one another. That way, you’re saving space and can take up the entire moving truck. The same thing is true of fitting your medical supplies in a small space. Use baskets or tubs with lids, and keep several of them stacked on top of one another. You can keep supplies separated this way, and also keep them neatly tucked away, not taking up a ton of room. 

3. Bring Back the Fanny Pack

Okay, so no one really enjoys wearing fanny packs, but they can be great for playgrounds. Have a fanny pack or backpack that one playground teacher or assistant can wear at all times. Keep the first aid supplies for the playground neatly stored in tiny boxes or baggies, and keep the bag of supplies on the playground for every recess. That way, no one has to rush back to their classrooms. If you only put bandages, creams, and such in the bag, it can easily hang on a hook by the door leading to the playground.

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