New Software Lets You Copy iPod to PC

A hard drive crash or a laptop theft can be devastating for several reasons. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize just how much information they keep on their personal computers until that information is gone. If you do think ahead and back up the most important stuff on your external hard drive or a USB drive, then you can definitely restore those files to a new computer. What about your music and movie files, though? Sure, you can access them on your iPod, which also works as an external storage device, but you can never copy iPod to PC after such a loss.

The developers for iTunes and the iPod have a responsibility to artists everywhere to protect the rights of the music or movies by making it impossible to copy iPod to PC. There are some MP3 players that do make the transfers possible, but the iPod is the most recognized MP3 player available. By protecting the music and movie files on the iPod, Apple Inc. also protects the rights of the artists. When you have thousands of dollars’ worth of music that you have legitimately purchased, however, this protection can be quite inconvenient.

If you keep up with software news, though, you will find that there are software programs available that can help you copy iPod to PC. Free versions are definitely the most popular, but they can bring frustration along with their services. For instance, you may be able to move only a few songs over at a time, and there is no way to keep your files organized. Several times, you can get halfway through your music or movie files, only to find out that you have reached your limit and must purchase the software to finish your transfers.

In most cases, you should just go ahead and pay the thirty dollars for the software to copy iPod to PC. By purchasing the software up front, you will have access to your transfer software at any time. You can expect unlimited file transfers, and you will also be able to keep all of your music and movie files organized as you move it over and avoid the possibility of duplicates. It may be hard to consider another purchase so soon after the loss of your computer or hard drive, but the price will definitely be worth it in the long run.

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