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New Addiction Tattoos has proudly been operating since 2002, serving Kalamazoo for a fantastic ten years!  Giving you first-rate, custom and unique tattoos that will stand the test of time, New Addiction Tattoos takes pride in every single piece of art they create.

New Addiction Tattoos is also happy to perform piercings for you if you’d like.  Whether you want an exotic, surface or standard piercing, New Addiction Tattoos can do it.  They also perform micro dermal anchors.

Professional and safe, New Addiction Tattoos guarantees that their entire staff is CPR certified as well as trained in blood borne pathogen prevention.  They take their jobs seriously and pay attention to every detail!  When it comes to innovative, safe and stunning art for your body, make sure you trust the professional Kalamazoo tattoo artists at New Addiction Tattoos.

New Addiction Tattoos also features various guest artists who are talented, professional and creative.  Feel free to browse their impressive work and book your appointment with one of their featured guest artists!

New Addiction Tattoos is your Kalamazoo tattoo parlor!  Visit today to see their impressive portfolio!
Call (269) 383-8282 or shoot them an email at [email protected] to set up an appointment!
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