Most Popular Paintball Games

A playing field for paintball is most often dependent on the particular game being played. For example woodsball is played in a natural setting with trees and brush, where speedball has no cover. The players also need the proper equipment for the position they play in the game. 


The object of speedball is to retrieve an object, usually a flag and hang it in some designated place like on the team’s own bunker. The field is smaller and firing accuracy is the most important factor. Two opposing teams start from a bunker, one for each team located on opposite sides of the field. Both the teams start from their own bunker and attempt to advance toward the object while they are firing markers at each other’s players. If a player is tagged, hit by a fired paintball they are eliminated from the game. There is no cover on the field to hide a player. Speedball players must keep moving and fire rapidly while advancing toward each other. In this game speed is everything, the game lasts only minutes.


This game is played on wooded terrain where there are lots of hiding places and elimination of one team’s players is most often the object of the game. Boundary lines may be chosen to limit the playing area. In this game communication between team members is an important component of winning the game. All sorts of strategies may be attempted, for example one team may plan to ambush the other or a team may plan to make a raid on the other to capture objects, or save a member who has been kidnapped by the other team. Countless game scenarios are possible in woodsball; you just need some woods and a good imagination!

King of the Hill 

King of the hill is another outdoor paintball game where the objective is to be the player who reaches the top of a chosen hill first. In this game the players are not on teams. But work independently to reach the goal, however the game can be played with teams also.

All that’s needed for this field is a high point on the grounds to serve as the hill which should be the center point of the playing field.

Total Elimination

This paintball game is played outdoors and indoors as the objective is to eliminate all other players or if playing in teams all opposing team members without getting hit yourself. Total elimination is a popular game considered recreational play (also known as a walk-on game.) It’s the paintball game played most often at a commercial field where people play for a fee.

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