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Whether you’re a student looking for a place to stay near campus or a Kalamazoo resident, Metro Properties has got you covered!  Specializing in downtown and campus area properties, they are the company you can trust to provide you with a rental space.  From residential spaces to offices and retail spots, you won’t find better properties or service anywhere else!

Metro Properties offers both furnished and unfurnished properties, so you can get the space that satisfies your needs!  Whichever choice you make, you know you will be renting a uniquely designed space for your home, office or shop.  Dedicated to providing their tenants with the highest level of service and satisfaction, Metro Properties is helpful and attentive. 

With a range of rental prices and building types, Metro Properties has a space to fit your needs!  With a friendly staff and a commitment to their tenants, they’re the best in Michigan!  For more information about the property management company, visit their website at  If you would like to book a property tour, you can do so online or you can call (269) 383-3006.  Their offices are located at 310 East Michigan Ave. Suite 504 in Kalamazoo. 


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