Massage Oils and Lotions Enhance Bodywork to Promote Relaxation

For an effective massage, the therapist must apply adequate pressure and motion to specific tissues of the body. Without massage oils and lotions acting as skin lubricants, it would not be possible to smoothly work skin, muscles, tendons, and joints. With the proper lubricant, the therapist can glide their hands over the skin so that the massage is both comfortable and effective.

Many therapists use massage oils and lotions as a form of aromatherapy as well. When doing so, it is important to choose lubricants that are free of perfumes since many people are sensitive to the chemicals in perfumes. Natural lavender, bergamot, almond, juniper, and cypress have a calming effect and will assist your clients in relaxing their mind. Medical resource studies show that a relaxed mind leads to relaxed muscles, which is why aromatherapy is so effective in promoting deep massage that is free of pain and far more beneficial than massages that are given when the muscles are tense.

Massage oils and lotions should absorb quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. For instance, almond oil is a light oil that does not leave an unpleasant residue. It also includes a host of vitamins that are essential for optimum skin health. Using a product such as this will help you to improve the health of your patients from the level of the skin down to the deep muscle tissues. Oils made from grape seed, coconut, sunflower, or pecan are also commonly used for this purpose.

It is important to keep in mind that some people have allergies to products made from nuts. There are hypoallergenic massage oils and lotions available that are made without ingredients such as nut oils. It is important to keep a variety of these products on hand so that you can offer your clients a safe massage. This will also allow you to give your clients a choice if they have a preference for certain scents or specific ingredients that work well with their skin.

Always read the product ingredients before purchasing lubricants for your practice. If you are like most massage therapists, you have taken on a holistic approach to your practice and work diligently to ensure that this approach is incorporated into every aspect of your business. Avoiding synthetic ingredients, perfumes that contain harmful chemicals, and other unnatural ingredients will allow you to offer your patients the very best care possible.


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