Make the Most of Your Investments in These Harsh Economic Times through Buying Gold

These are undoubtedly some of the harshest economic times the country has seen in generations, and none of it offers even the slimmest of silver linings for traditional investors trying to find a safe haven in this climate. The problem stems from the wild oscillations taking place in the world's stock market exchanges, where no semblance of stability can be found amid the carnage and the chaos of it all. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average hemorrhages value with each and every trading day, it is becoming more and more obvious that the tried and true methods of investment and earning are long gone.

However, some investors are finding a great lifeboat in an unlikely place, through the purchase of gold. One would not necessary think that they could buy gold coin and bullion, and secure their wealth, but in these tumultuous times, that is really all one has to do.

Here are three easy ways to use the power of gold to shore up your investments in an uncertain economic climate

Gold Is a Precious Metal with Inherent Value

One of the biggest benefits to investing in gold is the fact that it is a precious metal with its own inherent value. This value is derived directly from the numerous industrial and artistic uses of the metal, which is something that other forms of investments, such as stocks, bonds and treasury certificates, simply cannot match. Gold has a long history of multiple utility, as it is one of the best, most efficient conductors of electricity known to man. Because of this, gold is an essential component in most high-end electronics, stereo components, and anything else that needs a high fidelity, high resonance electrical connection.

Buy Gold Coin to Maximize Small Denomination Value

Gold coins offer an immense value to investors due to the fact that they can provide a certain level of liquidity that gold bars cannot. Because each coin is, at most, one to one and a half troy ounces of gold, coins such as the American Eagle make it incredibly easy for investors to cash out a small portion of their holdings for financial emergencies.

Gold Offers Tangibility

One of the prime benefits to possessing gold is that it offers investors a tangible asset that lets them literally hold their wealth in the palm of their hand. When they buy a gold coin, the value of it remains with the coin, not in symbolic certificate that claims some remote level of value somewhere else.

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