Keeping Morale Up at Your Company

A good leader knows that their strength is only a vast and expansive as that of their employees and subordinates. When everyone works together, they become a company of iron, and an unshakeable market force. However, great success cannot be achieved without hard work. It is vital that a leader keeps up employee morale in their company by providing incentives, bonuses, encouragement, and employee awards.

   When assigning projects, you are looking to get the most out of your employees, as such, incentives and bonuses are a great way to get people to volunteer. However, when dealing with operations, or any day in day out grind, employees can grow restless and bored. With a little bit of recognition and reward, every piece of the company can feel like their contribution and effort matter.

   There is so much evidence of the benefits of employee moral from articles oriented for executives like this one here, as well as a huge body of statistics. Evidence goes as far back to Sun Tzu who first had written that better rice makes happier soldiers, which makes them better at their jobs. However in the modern day, a bowl of jasmine rice is not enough to make a nuclear physicist buckle down and solve the difficult chemical equation he is working on.

   While some companies are catching up with the times by just beginning to have an employee of the month award and acknowledging people's birthdays, others have made employee awards a forte.

    Prepaid cards are an excellent way to provide employee awards, there are other things that can be just as satisfying and also increase employee morale. An employee who works harder than the rest who is rewarded with a bigger office or better hours stands out as an example to the others of what hard work in the company can do. Likewise, blanket awards can also have an overall impact on morale by providing a company retreat at the end of a long quarter, or even a pizza party every other Friday.

   Whatever method you choose, by sticking to the fundamental concepts, any schema for employee awards will increase efficiency. As long as employees relate hard work with a wealth of employee benefits and awards, they will continue to go the distance. While fear of keeping one's job will make them go to work every day, loving one's job and having faith in a rewarding outcome is what makes employee come to work happy and productive.

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