How to Choose the Right Paintball Guns

A lot of factors need to be considered when purchasing paintball guns. It is the single most important piece of equipment a player will have in his arsenal during the game. A variety of paintball guns exist and understanding the best gun for your needs is vital to becoming an effective player.

The first consideration to look at when choosing a paintball gun is the venue you plan to play in. Woods and fields are used often when playing outdoor paintball, and this form of paintball is usually called recreational paintball or woodsball. The other option for playing paintball is an indoor locale using a reproduction of outdoor terrain as barriers and bunkers, called speedball.

If you are considering playing outdoor paintball, you will want a gun camouflaged to the surroundings, so color choice is more limited. However, if you plan to play indoors, you will need a more lightweight gun, and there are a variety of different color choices to choose from.

The three main categories of paintball guns are speedball, recreational, and sniper markers. After selecting where you will be playing, you must consider your strategy during the game. An assault player will need a gun that shoots a lot of balls rapidly with an advanced loader than can reload paintballs quickly and efficiently. If a one-shot-kill method is better suited for you, then you will want to look at sniper paintball guns crafted with accuracy and precision in mind.

Other features to consider when buying a gun are the loader, the air types, and the barrels. A loader is the part of the gun that loads paintballs into the firing chamber. This is especially important for those who will be using a rapid fire method during play, but all players will want an easy-to-reload system in their gun in case of a tough situation in a game. Air types are needed to propel the paintball from the gun and are usually CO2, compressed air, or some form of gas.

As with most things, quality is important and will determine the speed and efficiency that the gun will have. However, that doesn’t mean that every beginner needs to go out and spend $500-$1000 on their first gun. A cheaper gun will certainly allow players to learn and practice, and it might take a little time before you’re ready to maximize the potential of that top-of-the-line gun.

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