Helpful Products Ease the Discomfort of Incontinence

If you or someone you love or care for is living with incontinence, then you know just how uncomfortable almost every situation has the potential to become.  Not only does  incontinence cause physical discomfort, it can also bring on feelings of shame that make life almost unbearable.  Providing incontinent people with products that make life easier not only ensures they remain more comfortable physically, it also helps to bring back important feelings of self-worth and erase the social discomfort that comes with knowing you cannot help having an "accident."  Here are some helpful tips for selecting incontinence products that make life a whole lot easier.

Attends, Adult Diapers, and More

Attends is just one of the many valuable brand names in care for incontinent people who suffer from mild leaks to severe problems.  These products are designed to help keep the wearer comfortable and most contain moisture barrier layers that help keep skin dry, preventing painful chafing and chapping.  If you must select one of these products, ensure you measure the person who will be wearing them first so that you choose the size that will be most comfortable to wear.  If it seems like you could go up a size or down a size, pick a size larger since it is much easier to make a product more snug while preventing leaks than it is to prevent leaks and assure comfort at the same time with a product that is a little too tight. 

For people with minimal urine leaks or even for those with moderate urine leaks, the better choice might be liners designed to be worn inside underwear; disposable underwear is also available for greater convenience.

Absorbent Bed Pads and Chair Pads

When someone is incontinent, the last thing he or she needs or wants to do is sit or lie in an uncomfortable mess.  Absorbent bed pads and chair pads catch spills and help to minimize odors so you or your loved one feels more comfortable while waiting to be cared for.  In addition, these products help to protect mattresses and other furniture, keeping laundry at a minimum and preventing costly damage from urine spills.

Wipes, Barrier Creams, and More

Staying sanitary is important to everyone, and it is even more important to people who are incontinent.  Using the right type of cleansing wipes and applying barrier creams can help keep skin as healthy as possible while preventing painful rashes and sores. 

These are just a few of the many incontinence products available.  Keeping incontinent people dry and healthy not only ensures their comfort but helps restore dignity.   

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