Handling VMware Backup Tasks

Designing a VMware backup process that safeguards all the company data without taking up an inordinate amount of time is always a challenge. VMware can be backed up over a network, but putting such a large amount of data through any network can be a challenging task. There may be numerous virtual machines that need to be backed up and they need to be stored in a format that allows for easy retrieval and restoration. If the company happens to use devices such as tape drives to store data, there may be other complications, depending upon the software your company uses.

The speed of a VMware backup will be largely dependent upon the amount of network bandwidth available. Some programs attempt to put all of the backup data through one connection. Obviously, this is less than optimal and can vastly increase the time associated with completing the backup operation. Newer programs use multiple connections to perform the backup, which vastly cuts down on the amount of time required to complete the entire operation. This is only one of the features of the newer backup systems, however, and they make other tasks much easier, as well.

One of the most challenging operations for network administrators is performing a full restore of a server that has been compromised or taken offline outright. Some of the VMware backup systems on the market allow this to be done in a very simple way. By bundling the server backup into a file that requires no software to open, these programs allow administrators to restore damaged servers as quickly as possible. There’s no need to go through proprietary software to restore the entire server. In fact, there’s no need to use any other program at all to access the backup files.

Servers usually do not need to be restored from scratch. Oftentimes, all that’s needed is for the administrators to restore a few files for a particular user. There are VMware backup utilities that can handle this sort of piece by piece file reconstruction, and they’re becoming more advanced every day. Between the options on the markets and the various ways in which they’ve innovated the process of backing up and restoring servers, there are good reasons to consider moving to VMware as a means of expanding the digital capacity of your company. The security and the reliability are there and are increasing all the time.

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