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It’s no secret that local shopping is not only better for your community, but did you know that locally grown food usually tastes better?  Food Dance in Kalamazoo offers you a healthy, smart restaurant that not only supports Kalamazoo but the entire planet!

Their phenomenal menu is a product of the freshest food paired with innovative ideas to bring you fantastic creations on a plate.  They serve food from local markets and farms so you can really taste the difference in every single bite.  Their menu is always changing due to what’s in season.  Wake up at this café with Julie’s French Toast which is dipped in delicious cinnamon orange brandy batter!  Indulge in their Pig in the Garden Scramble which comes with the freshest sautéed mushrooms, applewood smoked bacon, fresh tomatoes, green onions and New York white cheddar cheese.

For lunch, you must try their crab cakes which are made from fresh Chesapeake Bay crab and the best herbs which are grilled to a crispy perfection.  They also feature different soups daily that are always flavorful and superb.  Try their Jammin’ Portobello Sandwich which comes with sautéed Portobello mushrooms, blue cheese, delicious balsamic onion jam and tomatoes on three grain bread.  For dinner they offer an array of innovative and comfort foods like their Bell Pepper Confetti Risotto or their Classic Mac & Cheese!

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