Essential Steps for a Successful Career in Insurance

If you’re a real people person, and want to make a difference in a fast growing industry, a career in insurance could be for you. Graduates will find they have much to offer this sector, with a vast and diverse range of exciting opportunities lying in wait for those who wish to successfully apply new skills and knowledge they’ve obtained from a degree.

Over 210,000 people are employed in insurance in the US, and women make up 51% of that workforce (Office for National Statistics Labor Force Survey Q2 2009). With a wide range of insurance available, it’s not something we’re going to stop needing any time soon – in fact, our need for insurance is becoming increasingly demanding.


If you’re considering a career in insurance, a good display of knowledge and technical understanding can be a definite advantage – but don’t worry, most employers are willing to support new recruits by putting them through training and giving them the opportunity to gain professional, industry-specific qualifications. In fact, once you’ve got the job, most companies will require you to carry out on the job training, and work towards achieving professional qualifications. It’s often beneficial for employees to focus on their own personal development, as the industry can be a very competitive market which rewards talent and hard work.

Insurance Continuing Education

Insurance Continuing Education is an essential requirement for insurance agents in the US, which maintains their ability to sell insurance after obtaining their license.

Insurance agents are licensed by individual states, so apart from a select few administered by a national board (CFP, CPA, and CLU/ChFC (PACE), there is no nationwide accreditation. Classes can be taken online relatively easily, and more often than not, a good portion of requirements for this may be satisfied through reading and self-study.

CFP, CP AND CLU/ChFC can offer specific hour requirements for topics such as ethics, long term care and other special topics. It’s possible the amount of credit hours study you’ll need to renew your insurance license may vary from state to state, and each online course is prepared and approved based on the state’s requirements.


A career in insurance can be both exciting and rewarding, with plenty to offer for graduates who want to continue developing their skills. There aren’t many specific insurance degrees - a business or mathematics degree would be an ideal starting point, but it’s wide open. 

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