Eliminate Admin Rights on Your Microsoft System

Eliminate Admin Rights on Your Microsoft System

So many small businesses out there are utilizing Microsoft systems. While Microsoft will always be a great system for any business, unfortunately, many of the systems that are in use are vulnerable to attacks and security breaches. A very dangerous time for these breaches occurs during times when the system is being updated. Since you have to update your system from time-to-time, how exactly do you go about eliminating these risks? You eliminate admin rights, of course! The practice of eliminating administrative rights affords your company the highest level of protection.

Many businesses like a more open system for their employees, so they allow administrative rights, but it can be very dangerous. Oftentimes, individuals can be in command of all of the software and even the hardware that goes with their computer. In most cases, the person who is acting as the administrator controls any actions through his or her computer. This is where it can get very dangerous. There are a ridiculously large amount of viruses and malware on the Internet. From resident viruses, which live in your RAM memory, to directory viruses, which can hide entire files from you, not having the right security puts you at risk. With so many of these viruses hiding in the dark alleys of the web, all unprotected systems are at risk. However, when you eliminate admin rights, the Information Technology department at your business can once again take control of your system without the fear of disastrous consequences brought on by viruses and malware.

You might think that Microsoft would claim their security is too high to be breached but even the company that produces your system will recommend that your company should eliminate admin rights to ensure your security.

Let’s say for example, an employee is on your system and he or she is logged in under administrative privileges. What if a hacker got inside of the system? Then the hacker would have access to the whole computer system, and really, to your business. This could be beyond distressing for you, your company, and your customers. This hacker could completely delete files or data or simply change it enough to have devastating consequences. This person might also make an account to utilize.

When you eliminate admin rights with PowerBroker Virtualization, you can protect your business and your customers from the dangers that are lurking on the Internet.

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