Duocal For Your Little One

Duocal is a non-allergenic, powdered, protein-free, lactose-free, and high-calorie nutritional supplement used when a child just is not gaining the weight that he or she should be gaining. It is comprised of a ton of carbohydrates and fat and it can be added to a variety of different foods and beverages because it has absolutely no flavor. You can even add it to your child's water! Just make sure you avoid adding it to sodas or anything carbonated. You should also not add it to fruit juice. There are recipes using the supplement all over the Internet for you to reference before you start cooking for your little one.

This product has so many benefits for your child. First of all, it is completely void of protein, which is something that children who need to gain weight don't need. They need a lot of extra calories to make up for what they're missing. It will also enhance your child's energy. It can be used not only in recipes, but also in feeding tubes. It has a shelf life of three years so if you buy a lot of extra product, you can store it.

There is not really a set-amount of Duocal that you should give your child. That is generally determined by your doctor's advice. One four-hundred gram can is comprised of forty-eight tablespoons and there are eighty scoops per can. As far as calories go, there are twenty five calories per scoop and five-hundred and seventy-six calories per cup. See how many extra calories you child could be taking in with this supplement?

Unless directed otherwise by a doctor, the first time you use Duocal, you should add one teaspoon per half a cup of food or drink. You can go up to two table spoons per half a cup of food and drink afterward.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this product is that it is relatively inexpensive. You can purchase one four-hundred gram can for just over thirty dollars.

It's also good to look into other products that go along with this supplement, such as chocolate milk drinks. All kids love chocolate! Many of these chocolate milk drinks are free of lactose, and are over two hundred calories. Coupled with a supplement like Duocal, if you want your child to put on a little weight and grow stronger bones, these drinks are great medical supplies!


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