Different Types of Gold Coins

Many people who collect coins love being able to add beautiful and rare coins to their collection. This allows them to increase the value of their coin collection and make it endure over the years. If you are new to the world of coin collecting, then it may be a little bit difficult to find the proper types of coins that will increase the worth of your collection. Be sure to do a little research and find out what coins are worthwhile. If you like gold coins, then here is a few of our choices for valuable gold coins that you should collect.

One type of gold coin that is highly sought after by collectors is the Canadian Maple Leaf. This coin is made by the Royal Canadian Mint and is the purest gold coin in the world. It contains 99.99% gold that is minted only in Canada.

Another type of gold coin that is popular among collectors is the American Gold Eagle. This coin contains gold that was exclusively mined in the United States of America. This beautiful coin also contains a mixture of copper and silver alloys that makes it very durable. The American Gold Eagle comes in denominations of $5, $10 and $50 and depicts an image of Lady Liberty carrying a torch on one side. On the other side, the coin shows an eagle gripping an olive tree branch in its talons.

A third superb gold coin to purchase for your collection is the Chinese Gold Panda. This gold coin is one of the rarest kinds in the world and features an image of the Temple of Heaven on one side. It is also the smallest type of gold coin that was ever made, so it makes a unique addition to any collection.

Whether you want to get a Canadian Maple Leaf, an American Gold Eagle or a Chinese Gold Panda, any one of these coins will add value to your collection. You will be able to then turn your coin collection into a family tradition that can be passed down from yourself to your children and eventually to their grand children. You will love being able to share your passion for coins with your family and you will also love having amazing rare coins as part of your collection. It is a great way to increase the value of the coin collection.


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