Chewy Tubes and Sensory Processing Disorder

Autism is a complex disorder with a myriad of different symptoms and related disorders that can make treating autism more involved. One disorder that is often linked to autistic children is sensory processing disorder (SPD). If your child has been diagnosed with autism and SPD, you will need to find products that can help you manage it. The good news is that products such as Chewy Tubes can help an autistic child with SPD and once you understand what the disorder is and how you can treat it, you will be able to find other similar products on the market.

An Overview of Sensory Processing Disorder

The millions of acts you perform every day, large and small, are processed through your senses that send signals to your brain allowing you to understand the functions you are performing in their entirety. For example, when you drink a cup of coffee, your sense of smell, touch, and sight all process the act and your brain understands you are drinking coffee through signals. In addition, your brain can recall past coffee drinking experiences and will remember that your coffee is hot and it could burn you if you’re not careful.

Children suffering from SPD don’t process sensory signals correctly and can be affected to two extremes where they either “feel” too much or too little. SPD can affect one or more senses and can become disruptive to a child’s learning and development.

Children who “feel” too much will often become scared or nervous around the acts that cause their senses to overload, while children who “feel” too little will seek out actions that are more extreme to satisfy their need for stimulation.

Products for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

Products like Chewy Tubes can be beneficial for children with SPD because of the chewing, sucking, and biting motions that are used when the item is placed in the mouth. Many autistic children with SPD have issues with biting and chewing, and it can sometimes lead to biting other people or even themselves. Chewy Tubes can keep their mouth occupied and also helps with motor coordination skills such as bringing object to their mouth and removing them.

Depending on if your child has an oral fixation or not, Chewy Tubes can help provide the oral stimulation that calms them instead of relying on chewing clothes or other items that could even prove dangerous.


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