Call Centers and Telemarketing

Call centers are an important component of business. They are typically the first point of contact your client has with your company. However, call centers are also used for outbound calling, such as identifying prospective buyers to sell more products. Telemarketers engage in cold calling meaning there is a good chance they are bothering customers. The likelihood of rejection is high. Your agents must be properly trained to overcome these barriers.

Telemarketers must also be equipped with the right Syntellect call center software and the right skill set to break rejection barriers. Management must have the ability to record all calls. This ensures agents are promoting your agenda in the proper manner. If they are not additional training may be required. Since sales also uses email and chat, these venues need to be monitored and recorded by management as well.

Certainly being armed with the right technology is critical for telemarketing success. However, agents must also be properly trained before they hit the phones. Telemarketers must have good, if not great communication skills if they hope to succeed as a telemarketer. They must possess a clear and concise voice, good voice tone, and have a knack for building client confidence. The first few seconds of engaging a client can make all the difference in garnering a sale, and training for these first few seconds is very important.

Telemarketers must be able to stimulate active conversation, have a positive attitude and be upbeat. In addition, they must have confidence in the product they are selling, and be motivated to convince customers they need this product or service. Telemarketers must enjoy being social to succeed. Good listening skills are equally important.

Telemarketers are not alone; they are part of a team. Every sale they secure helps them, but the whole team benefits at the same time. This can be encouraged by offering individual sales commissions, as well as team monetary benefits when the team exceeds its targets. Having everyone on board is essential if you expect your call center to meet its goals.

In closing, call centers who engage in telemarketing activities must offer their agents the best technology and training if they are to succeed. This starts with hiring the right outgoing and goal oriented people. Your agents must believe in the product they are selling, and must be able to consistently reach their own targets along with the team’s goals. Recording and monitoring agent’s phone calls ensure they are on task and promoting your products and services in the proper light.

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