Buying a Palladium Coin for Investment

Precious metals are a good way to add more diversity and value to an investment portfolio.  Precious metals are sold on the worldwide commodities market.  Palladium is one of the precious metals that is often purchased for investment.  A palladium coin is a good way to get started with an investment collection.  Palladium is in the same family as platinum, though more affordable. 

Palladium is used in the making of many products, particularly in dental and surgical instruments.  It is often alloyed with gold to create what is commonly called “white gold”.  This beautiful metal is both strong and durable, making it a favorite choice for jewelry makers.  Palladium is most commonly used in making catalytic converters for use in the automotive industry.  A popular way to invest in precious metals is by purchasing a palladium coin.   

Many investors believe that precious metals are a good way to improve on your current investment portfolio.  When considering an investment, palladium coins are good choices.  One of the most popular palladium coin options is the Maple Leaf.  This stunning coin is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.  It was first minted in 2005 and soon became one of the most sought after coins for collectors and investors alike. The coins are backed by the Canadian government and are actually legal tender. 

The Maple Leaf coins are striking coins that feature the maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada.  The coins also depict Queen Elizabeth II from Britain, from a portrait done by artist Susanna Blunt.  Each of the coins contains one troy ounce of .995 pure palladium.  The coins have a face value of 50 Canadian dollars.  The true value of the coin is based on the current market price of palladium.  Value is determined using the weight and purity of the precious metal.

The price of palladium continues to rise, making it a very stable investment option. Many financial experts believe that the price trend will continue upward. Palladium is in high demand, while there is a limited supply of it. About half of the world’s supply of palladium comes from Russia. This high demand means that the price will certainly continue to keep going up, making it a very stable investment option.

Palladium bullion should be purchased through a reputable coin dealer.  The dealer will work with you to help you choose an investment option that suits your needs and your budget. 

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