Rare gold coins have become incredibly popular among investors as they question the actions of the Federal Reserve and increasingly distrust the ability of the government to protect their financial future. After the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, many investors decided that it was time to take their financial future into their own hands, investing in gold bullion, rare gold coins, and other precious metals and commodities.

Investing in rare gold coins frees you from depending on the government and central banks to make the decisions that will shape your financial future. As confidence in the paper money that composes the national currency decreases, this becomes increasingly important. Adding gold coins to your portfolio is an excellent means of hedging against inflation, particularly during the rocky financial times that we are currently experiencing, which have devalued the dollar drastically.

By investing in gold bullion coins, you are investing in coins that are valued for their gold content, composed of extremely fine gold. By investing in numismatic gold coins, you are investing in coins that do hold some value as a result of the metal that they are composed of; however, the majority of their value lies in their rarity, exclusivity, and value to collectors. As an investor in numismatic gold coins, it is important to find the coins that hold the most appeal for the most collectors, so focusing your funds on investing in the highest graded coins that you can, while opting for common date coins, is the best assignation of limited funds while ensuring the largest market for resale. There are many gold bullion coins that are incidentally numismatic gold coins, so sometimes investors like to purchase these in order to take advantage of the benefits that both types of coin offer.

If you worry about the decreasing value of the dollar, the covert actions of the Federal Reserve, and future financial crisis, taking your finances into your own hands is the only action that you can take to stop worrying about the future and finally relax. By building a portfolio that creates a gold standard for your own finances, you no longer have to wonder whether or not the government has any kind of gold remaining in central banks; your money is safe and backed up by something of true value. By planning for tomorrow, you are ensuring a profitable financial future from your family and precluding yourselves from recession and other financial disasters.


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