Attends Creates Effective Products for Incontinence

Attends creates disposable incontinence products for people of all ages.  While many people think that only elderly individuals suffer leakage problems, truthfully, many people do—even younger people, of both genders.  Anyone who has suffered trauma, infection, surgery, or has another serious medical problem may start to notice incontinence problems.  Fortunately, the problem is minimized when incontinence health products are worn.

Modern design of these products has come a long way since “adult diapers.”  Today’s products, such as the ones listed by the Attends Company, are now made with high-powered absorbency, and are made in different forms.  For example, there are now briefs, underwear, pads and under pads. 

Depending on which type you get, and how severe the problem is, you can buy products rated for light, moderate, heavy or severe leakage.  The underwear line feels like regular underwear, though these products are made of a breathable material that allows for optimal airflow.  The result is dryer and healthier skin, while the inner layer resists moisture, thus preventing leakage from traveling. 

The company’s briefs keeps wearers comfortable and dry by using super absorbent polymers to lock fluid inside the core area, and by resisting moisture.  There are also pads and pants, without side panels, which allow for better mobility and easier changing, as well as stretch mesh pants that can hold these pads in place. 

Under pads are primarily used in hospitals and nursing homes, though many caregivers are finding advantages in using them in home settings.  These pads are mainly used for furniture and have non-woven top layers that can easily wick fluid away from the skin.  Made with cellulose fibers, they are very comfortable and practically leak proof.  Attends also sells washcloths, dry wipes, tissues and other related products.

You can learn more about incontinence care at a medical site.  These pads are not intended to be permanent solutions.  Incontinence is a symptom of another medical issue, and one that should considered as soon as possible.  You can ask your doctor about ideas on how to minimize or perhaps prevent incontinence from occurring.  He or she may have diet recommendations, or may actually have a medical explanation—perhaps one that can be resolved with medication.

Incontinence is not an easy subject to bring up, but once you do, you will feel so much better.  Whether you need these Attends products for yourself or for someone you take care of, there are many options from an online store.

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