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Air Zoo in Kalamazoo is the “best place to spend a day with your family”!  With over fifty historical and unique aircraft to showcase to your kids, Air Zoo will never let you down!

With a clear mission to “preserve the legacy of flight for present and future generations”, it’s clear to see why Air Zoo is such a thrilling aviation museum.  They are devoted to giving you and your loved ones the absolute best experience that is possible, every single time you visit the Kalamazoo Air Zoo!

Aside from assorted aircraft, the Air Zoo has awesome exhibits, fantastic activities that are educational and they even offer summer camps for your kids!  When you visit their site, you can explore the Air Zoo yourself using their 360 degree virtual tour.  The colors, the rides and the excitement will grab you at first glance!

Their flight simulators are full-motion and very popular but also make sure to check out their RealD 3d/4d Missions Theater.  The entire facility is also covered in mural artwork from the ceiling to the floor, so you can grasp a sense of the excitement in aviation!

There are plenty of Kalamazoo events, new exhibits and opportunities to support and volunteer at the Air Zoo.  Make sure to plan your flight into the sky today and visit!

To call the Air Zoo directly, phone (269) 382-6555

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