Adult Diapers for All Shapes and Sizes

Inevitably, there comes a time in a person’s life when incontinence will become an issue. As people age, the bladder becomes weak and the ability to make it to the restroom becomes slimmer and slimmer. Certain medical conditions may also contribute to incontinence, at any age. Fortunately, adult diapers are available as a drug-free option to controlling the outcome of incontinence. Sure, adult diapers have no healing power over the leaking bladder, but they are at least a temporary solution, a band aid if you will, to protect the wearer from unnecessary public humiliation should accidental urination occur.

When we think of a diaper, we imagine a Sesame Street character covered absorbent undergarment with Velcro straps holding it all together. While there are no happy little characters covering the adult diaper, the design is similar to that of an infant diaper. The material is absorbent and the inside of the diaper is composed of hydrophilic substance, which was created to attract, or draw liquid in, while the external part of the diaper is composed of hydrophobic matter which will not allow the liquid to leak out. Essentially, the function of these two components is to keep the urine away from your skin and off of your clothes by trapping it inside the absorbent core.

Babies typically come in similar sizes and have just a few different styles of diapers available to suit their needs. Adults are in a different situation, which is why adult diapers were not created to fit the category of one-size-fits-all. Similar to the appeal for standard undergarments, people have a preference for waistband, thickness, and even the closing apparatus on the diaper. Some diapers come with three tabs, while others are made with two tab fasteners. Choosing the diaper that is suitable for you is a highly personal decision.

One major factor to consider when purchasing a diaper is how much absorbency you personally require. Will you need an overnight diaper that manages bedtime accidents? Do you require less absorbency because your incontinence shows up only when you sneeze or are extremely physically active? Have you received some medical news that may require assistance getting to the restroom, but you would feel more confident if you wore an adult diaper 24 hours per day to avoid accidents? Prior to making your purchase, it is best to weigh and consider all factors and personal needs involved with the adult diaper.

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