About Rare Silver Coins

Rare silver coins are among the investment options on the precious metals markets. There are some fairly common misconceptions about these coins. The first is that silver coins are always worth less than gold coins. This is not true. There are some silver coins out there that are among the most valuable on the market. The second common misperception is that there are far more silver coins on the market than gold. Where the rarest coins are concerned, however, rare simply means rare and there is no glut of silver coins on the market where the most prized examples are concerned.

Rare silver coins include specimens that were intended for general circulation. The Peace dollar, for instance, was produced to commemorate the end of World War 1 and succeeded the Morgan dollar. This dollar is currently one of the rarest on the market and is very much a prized item. At this level of scarcity, the materials of manufacture really don’t count for much. In fact, there are some alloy coins—the type used today—that are exceptionally valuable solely based on their being very rare examples of coinage. Silver is not always worth less than gold, and is sometimes worth far more.

One of the most valuable of all rare silver coins is the 1895 proof version of the US Morgan silver dollar. The value of this coin is astronomical. The Morgan dollar itself, however, is not usually a particularly valuable coin. It’s worth a bit more than the value of its bullion and is the most common collector’s coin on the market. This illustrates how particular versions of a coin can be very valuable, while the coin itself is usually very affordable for most collectors.

Rare silver coins, if they are old, will tend to be tarnished. The tarnish looks like a black or rainbow-colored layer on the top of the coin. Never remove this. The coin will be almost worthless if you remove the tarnish. In reality, the tarnish preserves the surface of the coin. Numismatic experts see this as a good thing and so do investors. A well-preserved, rare coin is the most valuable kind you can have. Keep your coin in a safe place and, if it comes in a slab, never remove it. Any handling of a valuable coin can cause damage and, thus, take away from the value of the specimen.

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