A Dedicated Ethernet Card - Cost Effective Tool Toward a Better Company Server

Most modern computers should already include an integrated ethernet network. Because Ethernet is now the preferred method of connecting to the internet and to other local area networks, these Ethernet cards are now standard.

A dedicated Ethernet Card can have numerous advantages over an integrated Ethernet Card. It is more likely to be of a higher quality than an integrated card because manufacturers devote more effort towards them and their individual components; a simple thing like using a better grade of solder could make all of the difference in long-term performance.

Manufacturers of cheaper PCs may tend to cut some corners in order to effectively integrate all the components onto the one card. Imagine the construction of an Integrated Ethernet Card on a PC assembly line. It is inserted into the computer's motherboard as a general solution for the several computing functions for which it is tasked. That constitutes the "integration" of that Integrated Ethernet Card.

If one or more of those functions should fail, all of the other features for which that card is responsible for on that computer must then also be repaired or replaced. A dedicated card can also exhibit a better throughput with less latency and better construction.

Assemblers working on the assembly of the dedicated product will gain a specialization. If all of the computers on a given network can be outfitted with a standard dedicated Ethernet Card, how much more simple will it be to service and troubleshoot each individual node of the company network? Much!  As it stands now, in order to understand the best use of each model of card within that network, techs have to sift through the different documentation for each card type. Then they need to accurately record and file each card type's individual parameters for later service calls.

One standard model of card for the company network will simplify overall operations. Instead of the network administrators having to deal with a plethora of Ethernet card types and styles, the use of one uniform card type, like the dedicated Ethernet Card expedites service exponentially.

It's better to designate one uniform model of card. When a particular computer on the company network needs troubleshooting, the techs will already know the parameters for the designated card type, making their service call that much easier. As a part of a total solution towards a better performing company server a dedicated Ethernet Card is preferred.


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