5 Sites to Help You Stay Healthy in 2012

Staying healthy is a goal worth striving to attain. Maintaining a sound body and mind can do absolute wonders to one psyche, confidence, and overall happiness. Along with keeping a balanced diet or getting proper exercise, meditation and stretching exercises such as yoga can be attributed to maintaining health. Yes, joining a gym can give one access to professional assistance in workout routines, yoga, and meditation. For those too busy to attend the gym regularly there are numerous websites devoted to delivering extensive do-it-yourself nutrition and exercise information.

Eatright.org is one of the best websites to find nutrition information and assistance in building a proper diet. Formerly the Academy of Nutrition and dietetics, this site a constant flow of new articles written by accredited professionals. Recent articles include links to a new nutrition "supertracker" released by the USDA. This tool allows users to track their diet according to nutrient intake. Eatright.org also has a review section where doctors review the latest mobile applications associated with healthy eating.

Womenshealthmag.com is an excellent source for healthy living in 2012. This site offers an entire section detailing an at-home yoga routine. The routine is characterized by 18 poses illustrated by the website in a series of pictures. Yoga is a great tool for relaxation and stress relief. It is perfect for those who can take a short break, even as little as 30 minutes, but do not have time to go all the way to the gym.

Mayoclinic.com offers a wide variety of services designed to keep users healthy and wise. Their section on meditation is a great read for those working long hours or stressful jobs. Meditation is a simple do-it-yourself relaxation technique that is easy to learn and requires only a quiet room. Stress has a negative effect on health as it can cause headaches and ulcers. A key to staying healthy is keeping a healthy mind.

Menshealth.com is the internet version of the popular print magazine. For years this publication has been obsessed with keeping men healthy through proper diet and exercise routines. The website consistently features articles detailing quick and easy weight training workouts that can be done at home. Also featured are dietary theories specifically designed for men.

USDA.gov is the leading source of safe and healthy eating information on the internet. The website is run by the United States Department of Agriculture whose main goal is to provide citizens information on health and food. This site offers a search tool for farmers markets, a meal planning application, and a nutrient search application. USDA.gov is also the first stop for information on food safety. Any food recalls will be posted immediately on this site.

Staying healthy doesn't have to be a hassle, and doesn't require a gym membership or a nutritionist. Follow the guidelines found on the above websites for healthy eating, exercise, and stress relief. Each site is constantly updated with new information.

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