Montessori School

Based on the philosophy that children teach themselves, The Montessori School provides an individualized educational experience that will supply your child with the foundation they need for a lifetime of success and a love of learning. 

From preschool to elementary students, The Montessori School’s campus in Kalamazoo offers multi-aged classes that foster peer teaching, role models and leadership experience, as well as a sense of community among the children.   With an experienced faculty, the school engages the children with an exciting curriculum that includes reading, everyday living skills, botany, history, music, art and much more!

Each classroom is designed to meet the developmental needs and interests of your child at each level of their maturation.  Without being limited by the progress of their peers, your child will be able to advance through the curriculum at their own speed, ensuring that their love of learning is not diminished by the speed at which they progress. 

With two separate campuses, your child will be cared for in a stimulating environment that will encourage their development.  The Richland campus offers preschool, child care and kindergarten curriculums, while the Kalamazoo campus serves children from preschool through the fifth grade.  At the Kalamazoo campus, year-round enrollment starts in September, so your child will be able to continue learning throughout the summer as well.

For more information on The Montessori School of the Kalamazoo Area, visit their website at  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call (269) 349-3248 or email [email protected]  The school is located at 750 Howard Street in Kalamazoo and 6274 N. 32nd St. in Richland. 


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