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Looking to invest in property but don’t know how or still a newbie? Rich Dad & Legacy Education Companies are offering intensive, fast-paced trainings that are specifically designed to help property investment beginners, as well as those who have made a few investments but are looking for ways to increase their skills, on a weekly basis in major cities all across the US!

At these Workshops, you will Discover How to Invest Wisely, Obtain Financing, Create Wealth & Find Lasting Security in a World filled with Obstacles.

In just 2 hours, learn how many tools are within your reach, such as:

- Techniques used by the Rich that they Do NOT teach in school

- Creating cash flow outside your current job

- 3 types of Wealth

Being Rich is great, but most people never take the time, nor the effort, to make it possible. Know which Pitfalls to AVOID & keep a positive outlook while others are panicking. These principles have educated hundreds of thousands of people around the world!

Go to http://Legacy.FreedomCoachSabrina.com to find Free Upcoming Workshops near you!

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  • When: Fri Jan. 11
    12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

  • Address: 2747 South 11th Street
    Kalamazoo MI,US 49009

  • Web: Visit Website