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Kbuoc Moving Forward - Healing Hearts Is To Move Forward For Jesus Christ And Be Blessed To Minister Gods Holy Word That Will Heal The Broken Hearts Of Many People That Has Been Feeling Down And Discourage About Their Life. This Fundraiser Is To Put Jesus Christ First And To Show The Love Of Christ To Everyone No Matter Who They Are Or What They Have Done In Their Past. This Fundraiser Is To Raise Funds That Will Bless the daily needs of the people within our great promise city of Kalamazoo, MI And To Remind That Their Is Hope When They Feel Hopeless That Their Is No One Greater Than Jesus Christ And He Is The Only Way The Truth And The Life And He Is Able To Heal - Deliver And Set Free The Many Life Styles That Many Currently Today Live That Is Not Healthy Godly Life Styles. This Fundraiser Is To Support To Find A Cure Treatments For Many Sicknesses That Is Currently Taken Many Lives That The Doctors Say There Is No Cure For But We Will Encourage The Cause Of Finding A Cure Is Believing In The Anointed One Jehovah Rapha The Lord Who heals and His Name Is Jesus Because In The Midst Of All Of Our Sicknessess And Pain We Go Through He Is Able To Heal, Deliver And Set many Free From Being Sick To being Healed. This Fundraiser Is To Also Raise Funds That Will Provide Help For Our Youth By Providing Youth Groups And Youth Programs That Will Encourage The Youth To Be Strong And To Have Faith That Will Bless Them To Follow Their Dreams In Life And Walk With Their Vision And No Matter What They Are Somebody And Be Someone That Will Inspire The Youth To Obey And Keep Their Focus On The Posative And Stay Away From negative Life Styles That Will Get Them Into Much Trouble Because Of Choices That Has Been Made. This Fundraiser Is To Raise Funds To Provide Families With The Aid Financially That Will Provide The Resources To Supply The Honest Need Of Poor Families Such As Families Within Poverty Because We As A Church Must help The Homeless And Keep them Uplifted To Be Strong And Do The Blessed For Their Families As Being A Household within our great promised city of Kalamazoo, Michigan. This Fundraiser Is Also To Provide Resources To The Elderly That Will Keep Them Being Strong And Active In Doing Positive Activities that will encourage rather than discourage them to let them know and that someone cares no matter what they are Going through that God Is Love Such As Loves Everyone And He Has A Purpose And A Divine Plan For Everyone No Matter What! KbuocDoes Events For The Community To Show The Love Of Christ And To Do His Will By Letting Many Know That God Can Do Anything But Fail But All We Have To Do Is Believe And Fully Trust Him!

  • When: Sun Dec. 9
    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

  • Address: 3600 East Cork Street Court
    Kalamazoo MI,US 49001

  • Web: Visit Website