Kalamazoo Museums

Spend a day at the museum in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Museums and Educational Attractions in Kalamazoo

The rich culture and history of Kalamazoo and the surrounding area have given rise to a number of museums and educational options for visitors and locals. These venues provide you with more than a passing glimpse of the past, and run the gamut from automotive options to art, from natural history to more modern options. Spending a few days exploring the many options available can be an incredible addition to any itinerary. What are the hottest spots in the city?

The Gilmore Car Museum – The Gilmore Car Museum is located just outside of town, on the road to Battle Creek. This unique automobile museum offers an interesting perspective on the history of the automobile and has some truly stunning exhibits that will delight car lovers of all ages. With exhibits ranging from antique automobiles to modern vehicles, and a wide range of other automobilia, you’re sure to find an immense amount of enjoyment here.

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum – The Kalamazoo Valley Museum offers hands-on fun for kids of all ages (that means adults, too!) and provides some unique options for exploration and learning. From their Robots+Us exhibit to their Peanuts at Bat show, their planetarium, Stryker Theater and numerous collections of different items ensure that everyone has a treat on their visit. The best thing of all is that general admission is free of charge.

The Kalamazoo Art Museum – If you have a love of art, then the Kalamazoo Art Museum (the Kalamazoo Institute of Art) is a must-see venue on your visit. This venue offers hands-on classes, tutorials, exhibits, a museum, ceramics classes and innumerable other options. Anyone who loves arts and crafts can find something here to delight them. In addition, the venue offers workshops and “artist talks” that put you face to face with high caliber artists. The Institute is also located in the heart of downtown, ensuring easy access for visitors.

Choosing to enjoy a Kalamazoo museum during your trip is one of the best options for fun for all ages. Don’t forget to check out the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, which is part amusement park, part museum and part hands-on experience. Other must-see attractions in the area include the Binder Park Zoo, as well as numerous theatres located both in town and outside the city limits. Anyone can find an incredible option to explore and enjoy during their stay in Kalamazoo.


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